The Intensive KMG 3-day Training Camp lead by KMG Chief Instructor Eyal Yanilov and his Global Team returns to the UK!
24th - 26th November 2017, Harlow, Essex

Over Three Days World-Class Krav Maga Instructors Lead By KMG Head Instructor, Eyal Yanilov will Share With You Their
Tried-And-Tested Training Experience They've Used To Help 1000's of People Around The World Rapidly Improve Their Krav Maga
Self Defence & Combat.

They'll Also Share Their Experience of Teaching Krav Maga Where It All Began, With The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF)

From: Jon Bullock
Chelmsford, UK

First things first, a statement from me: I’m genuinely passionate about helping everybody training in Krav Maga to improve, however I can. 

‘Back in the day’ when I started Krav Maga, the training opportunities were few and far between. I had to travel far and wide to learn… but thankfully things have changed.

I am now able to bring that learning here to the UK.

Over the last few years we’ve run many Krav Maga events in the UK, providing the opportunity for Practitioners, Graduates, Experts and Instructors to continue their training and improve their learning: These events include:

    •    - MasterClasses
    •    - Summer Camps
    •    - Partnership Events with world-class trainers.
    •    …And many other similar events

In that time, what I’ve come to realise is that the most valuable and immersive training experience, the one that focuses exclusively on improving the core fundamentals of Krav Maga, through learning the principles, is only found at our annual P&G Training Camp held at the end of each training year.
Jon Bullock, Director of Training for KMG (UK)
Expert Level 3, International Team Instructor
Eyal is the founder of Krav Maga Global. He began training Krav Maga in 1974 and currently holds the highest level in Krav Maga with Master Level 3. Eyal conducts courses and events around the world and is fluent in Hebrew and English. Eyal is widely considered the top Krav Maga Instructor in the world, having educated all of the first generation of Krav Maga Instructors that are currently teaching today. Eyal lives in Kadima, Israel with his wife and two children.
Ilya is a former Lotar Counter Terrorist School Instructor and became a civilian Krav Maga instructor in 2001. He travels the world teaching different courses to civilians and units and is fluent in Hebrew, English and Russian.  He is a full-time Krav Maga Instructor with KMG and is qualfied to teach all specialist courses from the General Instructor Course, to Military, Law Enforcement and Third Party Protection.  Ilya is graded at Expert Level 5 and lives in Netanya, Israel.
Emmanuel is the KMG Director in France. He began to train Krav Maga in 1997 and became an Instructor soon after. Emmanuel travels around the world conducting courses and events and is fluent in French, Hebrew and English.  He is a former IDF Krav Maga Instructor having joined the Israeli Army after moving to live in Israel.  Emmanuel is an Expert Level 5 and lives in Paris.
Rebecca is a Senior Krav Maga Instructor from American and is a member of the USA National Training Team.  Rebecca was recently appointed as the manager for KMG in the USA, and is now responsible for training standards, events and overall management of the organisation.  She is an exceptional Krav Maga Instructor and is an athlete in her own right.  Rebecca has an extensive training background in Combat Systems, is graded at Expert Level 2 and lives in California with her husband, Brian.

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REGISTRATION: Opens 8.00AM, Friday 24th November 2017

GRADING: To be eligible to Grade it must have been at least 6-months since your last grading

REQUIREMENTS: KMG Training Licence or Active Instructor Status

RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATION: Holiday Inn Harlow, please state 'Krav Maga Global' when booking you room to receive our group booking rate.

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  • Easy payment of two payments of 50% taken 30 days apart
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