Join Us For Full All-Inclusive Holiday Of A Lifetime!
  • A weekend of training with KMG Director Jon Bullock and his specially chosen team of Instructors.
  • Includes all training, food & accommodation.
  • 'Special' Guest Instructors from outside of the KM world!
  • Saturday Night BBQ, On-site Cafe, Bar... and much more!
LESS THAN £250!!!
The Camp Brochure Will Be Sent To the Email Address You Submit Above!
I Know What You Did Last Summer
You went on a picturesque holiday, with golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters.
You sat looking out from the balcony, admiring views, considering either the short walk to the local shops or visiting the bustling town filled with quaint cafes, bars and restaurant.Yet you are disappointed, in paradise.
The ‘Google Search’ before leaving came up short, there was no local KMG club in the area!
So you're 1000’s of miles away from everything you know, yet on the off chance, sitting in your hand luggage you’d manage to sneak in your groin guard, as you never know.
The golden sand beaches are replaced by the training mats, the crystal clear water runs from your forehead, with the amazing view of your training partner running at you with a knife!

This year will not see disappointment, this year will see dedication, focus and above all an all-inclusive Holiday of a Lifetime!
About The Event

"Join my team and I this summer..."

Jon Bullock, Director of Training for KMG UK.

'Get away for the weekend, and spend quality time with likeminded people, doing what you love. Join my team and I this summer, we'll have a great time...'

"The first summer camp ever in the UK"

KMG HQ, Israel.

'Camps are a key part of learning Krav Maga, intensive periods of training in one place with no distractions. This is the first summer camp ever in the UK...'
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Krav Maga Global Summer Camp 2017 | Camp Krav
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